RISA is the powerhouse of student organizations at Texas Tech striving to become the most disruptive and innovative student organization in the United States.


Through its innovative corporate-like organization structure, RISA provides unique resume-boosting opportunities in operational and projects committees, training in information/cyber security, certification study groups, and other exclusive career development events.

RISA prides in its 230+ members'​ diverse academic backgrounds, representing 44 areas of study in all 3 degree programs (Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral) throughout the university. From Computer Engineering to Agricultural Economics students, RISA provides both technical and non-technical opportunities to all 40,000 students of Texas Tech including both STEM and non-STEM undergraduate and graduate students.


RISA is currently looking for a full-time Texas Tech student with a background in Software Engineering. As the Lead Software Engineer, you will be expected of the following duties:


  • Work alongside high performing teams of software engineers delivering on strategic objective with a continuous improvement mindset

  • Identify potential process improvement areas and suggest options and recommends approaches

  • Lead the team to implement both back and front-end service that provide, store, and transform data and other business intelligence operations.

  • Support and enhance rich client side solutions; Resolve all the technical issues that software engineers faced

  • Develop specifications, design documents, provide quality assurance through various testing and code reviews

  • Work closely with CEO and CTO, manage schedule, and assign tasks to software engineers to deliver commitments per iteration and be active participant in the maturity within the agile development process



  • Must be able to understand the mission and vision of RISA

  • Must be an active member of RISA

  • Must be transparent, honest, and organized in all the work and communication

  • Must have background in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or other related technical fields

  • Expert knowledge of HTML and CSS front-end development languages

  • Proficiency in SQL, ER-diagram, and schema design

  • Familiar with Eclipse Java IDE, MySQL workbench, MySQL Server, and Tomcat

  • Expert knowledge of Java, JavaServer Pages, and Java servlet technologies

  • Expert understanding of or experience with MVC frameworks

  • Experience building dynamic Web user interfaces using AJAX, JavaScript, and JQuery.

  • Use of Git and familiarity with continuous integration practices

  • Able to communicate and work effectively in a team environment

  • Leadership experience is a big plus

  • Outstanding professionalism

  • Attention to detail

  • Outgoing personality

  • Excellent presentation skills


RISA is a student organization of Texas Tech University. All positions, including leadership positions, are not paid.