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Moving to California

Updated: Jun 8, 2018

Since I graduated from Texas Tech University, a lot has happened. For the last 4 weeks, my typical day looks like this: breakfast, training from morning to noon, lunch, house stuff in the afternoon (i.e. unboxing my Texas Tech stuff, cleaning, trip to IKEA and Costco, etc), dinner with friends, emails or Call of Duty. It's been super busy recently, but I would be lying if I said the last few weeks have not been a blast. I have seen so many close friends and I have had a chance to really invest lots of time into making my new house feel like home. Typically, I am pretty private about my place, but I will show a couples pictures.

Things with school have been really fun. I am definitely still a young and inexperienced student, but I think Dr. Sanjeev Dewan, the program director of UC Irvine Master of Science in Business Analytics, has done an amazing job setting a foundation for who we want to be as a student here at UC Irvine. If I could come up with an identity for UC Irvine business student to strive for, it would be that they are a team that consistently focus on newest technologies more than other business schools I have seen so far in my life. (The program is also unique in that it actually offers a Capstone project, which allows student to work for a company on their ongoing Data Analytics (DA) project regardless your citizenship) By the way, my classmate have been really fun to be around, and most of them are American or Asian American, and of course, there are some from Asia, Europe, and Middle East.

Speaking of Irvine, first, I really want to be involved in this community. As I research more about the community, I am seeing Irvine and Orange's ambition of building the second Silicon Valley or a high-tech hub here at South California. So I am hoping to be able to meet some amazing entrepreneurs and tech talents that can help me grow quickly in the next one or two years. Also, the access to beautiful natural landscapes is unbeatable. Irvine has the best of both worlds: all the culture and buzz of a big city, surrounding with four beaches and countless parks.

To me, the long-term goal is to be a leader in computer and data science industry as always, but the short-term goal should be play hard and work even harder.

Welcome to California :)

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