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Study Abroad in NCKU - Taiwan

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

I never experience Taiwan's university education in my life by 2016 even though I was born and raised there. Taiwan's technology innovation is very well-known in the world, some of your might not know that HTC, Acer, Azus, Foxconn, etc. are Taiwanese company. I want to study abroad in the country that extremely focus on technology, and that's why Taiwan become my final destination.

I was lucky to receive the admission from National Cheng Kung University School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (top-tier university in the world, ranked #2 in Taiwan) with full scholarship for summer 2016. This study abroad program marks my third time going back to Taiwan.

Taiwan, as one might expect, is VERY HUMID!!!!! It can take a little time for one to adapt to the change in weather and climate if one usually lives in Texas or North America, as I do. So, yes, it can be quite hot when the sun is out, particularly in the summer. Hence the prevalence of umbrellas/parasols used when walking around and the plethora of drinks that is characteristic of Taiwan.

I visited countless places in Taiwan during my study abroad (of course I studied really hard for the course I took, but I am not going to focus on the technical stuff on this blog). Taiwan isn't really lacking in gadget shopping options, but, even so, the Syntrend Creative Park is noteworthy and amazing! You all should go see one day! Syntrend is a massive 12-story tech-focused mall covering more than two acres. And it's got plenty of notable tenants, including storefronts from Intel, Sony, Samsung, etc.

After spending an entire morning at the mall, I came away mostly impressed. it was surprisingly barren (then again, I visited during a weekday morning), and there are plenty of small stores that just sell phone cases and accessories. But it was nice to be able to go to a single spot to see tech offerings from plenty of companies. There are also cafes and interactive exhibits throughout Syntrend, as well as an entire floor dedicated to activities for kids. It's something that both nerds and families could turn into a day-long trip.

There was more than enough to check out. All of the floors have different themes: the first, "Look," includes Intel's concept store and a stylish HTC store, while the fifth floor, "Listen," is devoted to audio gear. It's kind of kitschy, but it was a nice way to conceive of everything happening in the mall.

If Tokyo has Akihabara district, Taiwan has Syntrend creative park!

Aright, back to school! I want to talk about food, but that could makes this blog long as crazy! Foods are awesome! You can Google it yourself.

The study abroad program is designed by Texas Tech University College of Engineering and National Cheng Kung University School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, students can take up to two courses in Taiwan. This program admit nearly 30 students all over the world every summer. I took Digital IC design and Advance Computer Programming course in that summer. It was challenge and fun. Challenge part is that you need to compete with so many talents around the world, fun part is language!

Tell you what, some technical terms were called differently according to what education one had received. It does take some time to communicate well, but I highly encourage students to study abroad in a country where its native language is not English!

Get out of comfort zone, and we will see how small your are, at the same time, you will grow twice as fast as you will.

Good luck!

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