RISA is the powerhouse of student organizations at Texas Tech striving to become the most disruptive and innovative student organization in the United States.


Through its innovative corporate-like organization structure, RISA provides unique resume-boosting opportunities in operational and projects committees, training in information/cyber security, certification study groups, and other exclusive career development events.

RISA prides in its 230+ members'​ diverse academic backgrounds, representing 44 areas of study in all 3 degree programs (Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral) throughout the university. From Computer Engineering to Agricultural Economics students, RISA provides both technical and non-technical opportunities to all 40,000 students of Texas Tech including both STEM and non-STEM undergraduate and graduate students.


RISA is currently looking for a full-time Texas Tech student with a background in human resources. As the Director of Human Resources, you will be expected of the following duties:

  • Identify, create, and fill talent gaps and openings within the organization

  • Oversee and manage the Human Resources committee

  • Manage the RISA HR database

  • Recruit and lead Human Resources committee

  • Other duties as necessary


  • Must be able to understand the mission and vision of RISA 

  • Must be able to understand the growth potentials of RISA

  • Must be able to think big and be a visionary 

  • Must be able to understand that RISA members drive the organization

  • Must be able to write and speak professionally

  • Must have a background in recruitment (professional or academic)

  • Must be a servant leader with members-first mindset

  • Must be transparent, competent, and organized in all the work and communication

  • Must be a self-starter

  • Professional experience in any corporate environment is a plus

  • Attention to detail

  • Outstanding professionalism

  • Outgoing personality



RISA is a student organization of Texas Tech University. All positions, including leadership positions, are not paid.